Hello, I'm Alice, an Interior Designer.
And I believe good design is life changing. Yes. Life changing.
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Designing, decorating, painting, building, re-furbishing, de-cluttering or styling can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re not sure where to get started. I can show you how to look at your space with a new perspective and offer easy solutions to begin your project. My consultations are free, as I believe finding the right interior designer is like finding that perfect shade of white paint—you want to test a few before picking one that stands out.

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Some of the things I can help you with.
Interior Design is a serious business. It is the nuts and bolts of our home lives, wrapped up with layered expressions of art, orchestrated by a team of trades, engineers, consultants, makers and conducted by an interior designer and their client. Interior Design is serious, however small the scope, but let's make it fun and start with the basics.
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The face-lift exercise: working with your existing furniture and trinkets to show their best side. Subtle changes, big impact. It’ll be our secret.


When things start to get serious and we have one shot at choosing the right appliances, trades people and walls to knock down.


Collaborating with professionals and coordinating their jobs can make a big difference to the end result. A little planning can go along way.


Advice, sourcing and installation on the fun stuff: lighting, furniture, textiles and upholstery, materials, antiques and art. Always art.


Well-documented specifications and detailed joinery, kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe and lighting plans save time and money and time and money.


A full-service scope from design concept, cost estimates, approvals, technical packages, construction phase to moving in with cutlery polished and curtains pressed.

We have worked with Alice for the past 18 months on our new home in Gladesville, Sydney Australia. During this time I have been continually blown away by Alice's unique skill set and have had nothing but glowing reports to my family and friends about her.

Lisa C.Client

Alice was wonderful at sourcing a variety of options, colours and prices, and we always felt that our needs were put first, she found the perfect balance between meeting our style and budget needs. Towards the mid-phase of the project we had such high confidence in her that we let her select all the elements of the new house and present back to us.

James H.Client

I got in touch with Alice just before I ordered materials for our bathroom renovation. She helped me narrow down the tiles and fittings. I didn’t know which direction to go in as there are so many options out there, but I am finally excited again after talking through everything with Alice.

Jade A.Client

Alice conducts herself with the highest level of professionalism at all times. She is a highly motivated and talented designer, technician and project manager. Everything that Alice undertakes is always successfully completed.

Danny B.Architect

We enjoyed working with Alice and her enthusiast, bubbly personality. It was always such a pleasure watching Alice’s delight of coming onto site and seeing the progress and everything going into it place as she had foreseen it in her design.

Andrew S.Builder