But first, let's start with the who.
And then we can get into the why followed by the what, how and finally, when.
Let's get to know each other.
What I believe in.
The most rewarding part of my job is and has always been observing and supporting the delicate journey each client finds themselves on.
We know that benefits of interior design include increased property value and well-being but the process from a personal, character and therapeutic level is often unexpected but wholly relished. This journey is positively revealing and allows an indulgent free-form of creativity between my clients and their treasures and memories.
Who the ffffff is Alice?
Rural Queensland born and bred, Sydney educated, Alice’s intrigue in heritage arts and design has fueled her continual fascination with interiors, architecture, travel and home-life customs.
Before graduating with high distinction from the Design Centre Enmore, Alice experimented within the world of print media, venue management and finally film production. After several years in set design, she sought an opportunity with an architecture practice that allowed her to work with the intent of designing longer-lasting and therefore more sustainable infrastructure.
After a decade in Sydney's interiors industry and two years in London and France working in high-end workplace and hotel design, this significantly shaped Alice's understanding of how environments affect us and helped her to develop an approach that is responsive to context and cultural heritage.
Her foundation for every project is grounded through a connection to the outdoors, a sophistication in space planning and the inclusion of natural yet refined materials. Insisting that her upbringing in the country is the basis for a deep appreciation of nature, family life and modest surroundings.