Restaurant Design—Waterloo, Sydney

Kepos & Co.

The client, a passionate chef, Michael was tired of turning away customers who couldn’t fit into his first restaurant, Kepos Street Kitchen. It made sense for him to direct hungry customers one minute down the road to this new space, his second restaurant, Kepos & Co. where they could enjoy a similar menu with North African, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences.

The client, a passionate chef, Michael, was very sure of his concept from day one. He just wanted to make sure that the kitchen was the focal point and the internal elements married with the surrounding building. The existing building, Casba, is a new mixed-use development with retail and commercial spaces at street level.

Fortunately, the canvas for the restaurant fit-out was visually appealing and allowed an exploration between modern and vernacular design. Ultimately, the look need to appear not overly polished and look just a bit "hand-made" or "hand-built".

The palette was muted combinations of cream, white and beige. And the materials were not overly complicated but rich in texture. Dividing the kitchen and dining room is a large rough-rendered arch wall with recycled brick and timber bench tops. The lighting was one of the most decorative aspects to the design and a key focal point. The dozens of pendants were imported from Morocco and now fill the ceiling, hanging at different heights.

Services: Full-service restaurant design and decoration, floor plans, kitchen design, bar design, lighting layout, mechanical services, Section 96 update to an existing DA approval, soft furnishings, door design, construction advice on site.

Architect: Danny Broe Architects

Builder: Karl Abouzeid

Photographer: Karina Illovska

Media: The Design Files