How it works and what's on offer.
From property styling to contract admin—there's no service discrimination here.
What you're in for.

The work I do for you may include any or all of the following. In many cases I will coordinate and collaborate with contract professionals when a trade specialist is required. If the project needs an architect, engineer, landscape designer, builder, joiner or other trade, I can recommend the right reputable magician for the job.


• Assess existing furniture and interior accessories to create new spatial layouts
• Introduce new light sources, window treatments and plants where appropriate
• Re-install art and wall ornaments
• Coordinate storage locations and de-clutter
• Source and suggest new furnishings, like rugs and cushions


• Consider existing exterior and internal architecture to refresh and enhance interior style
• Selection of furniture, lighting, rugs, and interior accessories
• Design and installation of window treatments
• Design and coordination of upholstery and soft furnishings
• Art and sculpture selection, curation and installation of artworks, mirrors, wall hangings, ornaments


• Presenting alterations or additions of internal space planning
• Selecting materials and finishes, such as flooring, carpet, tiles, timbers, wallpaper, paint
• Custom design kitchens and bathrooms with structural and cosmetic alterations
• Custom design of built-in wardrobes, shelves, storage cabinets
• Collaborating with architects, engineers, builders, joiners and carpenters where required


• Documentation, measurements or surveys undertaken of existing spaces
• Joinery, Kitchen, Bathroom, Lighting Layouts
• To Scale 2D Plans, Elevations, Sections and Details, 2D and 3D Renders, 3D Models where required
• Window and Door Schedules and Hardware Specifications
• Detailed specifications for all interior finishes, fittings and furniture (FF&E)


• Generating, sharing and monitoring project timeline and plan with client and/or contractors
• Booking, coordinating and managing trades and design professionals
• Stepping into a project mid-way to manage it until completion
• Collaborating with architects, builders, council and consultants during any stage of design and construction
• Coordinating removals, storage, procurement and installation of existing and new items during and after construction


• Full-service scope from concept to completion
• Hands-on approach with an architect and builder from the initial consultation
• All stages managed by the team, including approvals, certificates, technical packages and contract administration
• Projects can range from residential, commercial, multi-residential, public and landscape
• Insurances and contracts issued
Still not sure?

For the low-down on interior design services, to arm you with the right lingo, the trade know-how and what to expect working with me on your special project, give one or all of the stages below a click. I'll send you a guide that is filled with everything I have learnt and seen over the past 10 years. In my opinion, this sort of industry info is only valuable if it can be shared.

1. Re-Styling & De-Cluttering
2. Decorating & Art
3. Design & Spatial Planning
4. Technical Drawings
5. Project Management
6. Design & Build